The Brand

Firmly rooted in a love for quality and simplicity, Amr Saad offers unique meticulously crafted designs for those with an eye for the beautiful and unusual. Appreciating the beauty in nature's imperfections drives a tendency toward minimalism, where each hand crafted piece is deliberately created to avoid distracting from the organic qualities of the materials used.

This dedication to maintaining the integrity of raw materials extends to our broader design philosophy and commitment to delivering consistently well-made and distinct pieces.

Using the techniques of classic Italian craftsmanship, our jewelry and frames are made using the highest quality silver, gold, precious and semi-precious stones hand selected from the markets of Egypt, Sri Lanka, Bangkok and Jaipur.



"The fascination of how fashion evolves and recycles itself back to our time created the Urban-Infused eyewear collection.
A tribute to the Egyptian motifs of circles and triangles deeply imbedded in various cultures across the country, interbred with the classic 1950’s wayfarer and 1960’s circa shapes; a metamorphosis of the timeless silhouettes can be instantly grasped once each piece is worn.
Satisfying the archetypal taste, yet bringing addition to the bold ones."